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Hip replacement is a very successful operation offering symptomatic relief from arthritic pain, with relatively low rates of complication. From large studies we know that 1/3 of patients will forget they have an artificial hip joint, the majority of the remainder are conscious of the artificial nature of the joint, but without significant pain or discomfort.

A small number of patients will experience problems after hip replacement surgery. Diagnosis in these situations can be challenging requiring experience and a methodical approach.

Dislocated Total Hip Replacement RSA: Monitoring Migration of Hip Replacements

In the longer term, your hip replacement will usually give many years of trouble free function. However at present we must assume that all hip replacements will fail at some point in the future, hopefully after 10-15 years of good service.

Accumulative survivorship for total hip replacement - historical data

After a total hip replacement it is important to monitor the "health" of the joint. The British Orthopaedic Association recommends regular follow up for patients with hip replacements [BOA Primary Total Hip Replacement: A Guide to Good Practice ]. The aim of reviewing hip replacements is to allow early intervention before wear or loosening become very difficult to remedy.

Over the years some designs of total hip replacement have been identified as having excessively high failure rates. The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency issue directives if any products cause concern. A list of their latest directives can be found on their web site.

I'm happy to offer a review appointments for your hip replacement, or a second opinion regarding problems with a hip replacement, even if the operation was undertaken some years ago or in another hospital. It is always helpful to know the brand and type of your hip replacement if possible.
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